Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Me And My Stupid Posts

There is this pic all over the internet showing a guy with his Palm on his face. If I'm not wrong I guess that's from star trek:the original series.The quotes they write on that pic is just so original. The latest one that caught my attention was the one where he does the 'facepalm' with the words 'rewinding through the Facebook posts'. I don't know what others have to say about this, but in my case, it's true.

I have a 'facepalm' every time I read a post by me put just days before. That's humiliating. Wish I could take those back. The last thing I posted on my wall was something about Asif Dash2.0. To be honest I just put that and I'm already pissed at myself.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Isla And The Happily Ever After: My Review

I first read the second part: Lola and the boy next door. And then Anna and the French kiss: the first part and finally Isla and the happily ever after. All three had different characters and their own romantic tales that end with happily ever after. But the third episode proved to be a genius. I didn't make me wait till the last for the two to u ite and neither did it ever give me a hint of bringing all characters to life in the end. The brilliance in the book was so surreal.

Isla (pronounced eye-la) is a high schooler who would call her cute rather than hot. A red head and a shorter girl when compared to other Parisians and schoolmates of Paris. Josh, the funny friend of St.Clair from Anna and the French kiss plays the protagonist. Isla is that odd girl who has a boy who is just a friend for as long as she could remember.

Twists, turns, confusions and the crush makes them lovers in the first 50 pages. Describing Paris in a way that the reader falls in love with the city makes the book more unique and lovable. The story then has complications for the lovely couple that does happen in real life but isn't spoken of. The silly things are explained so beautifully and then comes the solutions.

The only thing I wish would have added was Meredith having a boy of her own during the get together. Oh boy! She really is portrayed sad. Well, there really is one in every group. So I couldn't be mad at Perkins for leaving her all alone in her book. Overall, it had the perfect finish to the story of not one or two , but to three whole stories. Anna gets engaged here. Canillope wins the Gold and Josh and Isla are ba k together and are definitely gonna have a good time at Vermont.

My ratings:4.3/5

Sunday, March 15, 2015

When the walls come down

There are very few things that matter a lot to all of us. Let it be a 10 rupee note or someone that we care about a lot, these things never leave our lives no matter what. But circumstances give us with a hard test in which leaving that one thing behind is the only choice. That's exactly when the wall comes down. That moment makes us feel so naked despite the fact that we are covered with layers of protection. Maybe that's how this world works. Leave something behind and move forward in search of something that is similar to it.

I faced something similar to the situation mentioned and something tells me that I had the option of not leaving it behind. Thinking it over and over again, I'm pretty exhausted now. It mattered a lot to me. In fact it was the one thing that made me human and now I've lost that too. It makes me curse myself and constantly creates an ache in my heart saying that 'you deserve this.'

I'm here to say that, if you face a similar situation where you feel that leaving behind it is something you must do, think twice. It may be the single biggest mistake you are making in your life. It may ruin you all together. There is always an option and make sure that you take the right one. Because no matter what, going back and rewriting the wrongs you have done is impossible.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oscar frustration

I call myself a movie freak. But I guess I'm just fooling myself. My friends usually give me a hard time by teasing JLaw. It's not like she is the most beautiful woman in the world but just that I love her performing her roles so brilliantly. And maybe that's the reason why this year's Oscars didn't catch my attention a lot. Because she wasn't there in any of the nominations.

Yet, Linklater is one of my favourite directors and him not winning what he deserved made me sad. Seriously, who would have the patience of making a film for 12 whole years. Him not winning was just the second worst thing that happened. The worst thing was ,The Lego Movie not being nominated. Seriously, the committee must be shuffled.

And then the Indian cinemas. What's wrong with you guys. Start making films that would at least make a mark in the domestic market. And the audience, well, there is no use cursing you guys.

A New Haircut

Little things matter a lot more in our lives. Like, having a hot cup of tea at 12 in the night and have a sip of coke after eating a whole tandoori. The list also includes having a decent haircut after a month. When I was little my mother would give me 15 rupees early in the morning on a bright Sunday. I would just love waving my hand and running towards the barber shop down the hill. The charge then was 12 rupees.

It would take 10 minutes and I could feel myself turning into a whole new kid then. I would buy myself a couple of chocolates and then return with a wide smile. It used to be that good. The same feeling returns to me when I go visit a barber shop here in the city. The only difference is, I'm charged 80 now.

It makes me feel like a child nowadays. A feeling I usually get once a month. It brings in some odd peace and for a minute or two I could almost taste the chocolates I used to buy then.