Sunday, July 26, 2015

To The One I Love

Love has always been a mystery to many. Love has many a times also been a misery. To me, this world has been so tiny,
Faulty people and lives of treachery.

The eye opens not by choice,
The eye opens neither by force.
There comes a hearing, there comes a voice,
And then the it rises and no more its close.

The hearing is you, the relief of pain.
No more its treachery, no more tiny.
A world so happy, and so much to gain.
Wider it is, wondrous and shiny.

For you my love, thy opened my eyes.
For you my love, thy been so kind and nice.
I open my heart, so no more I hate.
With your hands, do write write my fate.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Pain , Separation And Pain Again

Youbdig throught the tunnels, you find the pot of gold and taking it back to the world is something everyone dreams of. People think that the path towards finding the pot of gold is the hardest of all and often ignore the way back. Well, the journey doesn't just mean till you find the gold. It indeed is hard, but the harder part is yet to come.

The world is cruel, or we may call it the test of what is about to come next. It gets tough, then a bit more tougher, but the I my thing that would get you moving forward is the end. And the end is when you utilize the fold for something meaningful. My friends, I found it. I'm on the verge of coming out, but the gold isn't in my hands.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Golden Flakes

Ha! Nothing ever before made me feel alive like I am right now. It's five in the morning and through the faint cracks in the window panel, I could hear the birds chirping. It would have been annoying after listening to them for quiet a while now, but strangely it doesn't. Not to lose myself in the world of cliches, but when the birds stop chirping for a second or two, I hear you breathing. Long and streatched breaths. I could even feel the heart pounding; not mine.

It calms me, soothes me and gives me a sound notion denoting that the reason I live for now are just those beats.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Salt, Honey and Cake

All my life I've been searching for you,
Clouding happiness, I've been meddling through.
Harder I dug, bitter it got.
Unravelling I thought, but just miserable it got.

Into the darkness, into much pain.
Scavenger I became, searching again and again.

Miles were unearthed; yet no sight.
Yelling and screaming, I let go my fight.

Left alone to rot; when a ray of hope,
Inviting me to live, which ended my mope.
Flying I am, with all I could take.
Everything you are; my salt, honey and cake.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Yours forever, I will be.
On the raft to happiness, together we sail.
Under all that shadows us, we shall pass.
Another world, we just have to cross.
Rise and shine, my color of blood.
Eve of faith isn't that far away.
Muscles and sweat have taken me this far.
Yours forever, you are my star.

Drowning i am, every bit into you.
Raining it is, dry lands are now few.
Universe has made us said this far.
Glorious we sail, my ecstasy you are.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

You are the dream

Above the clouds.
Closer to Sun.
Hearts all around.
Uviversally bound.
Into oblivion.
Lasting forever.
Over the sky.
Vastly I shy.
Ever should it last.
Yours will I be.
Odd it may seem.
U r the one, u r the dream.


Funny thing that i'm going to speak of something i never actually understood; neither do i undersand now. Ages and ages, there are just a very few things that make a human heart feel the literal pain in his heart. The tiniest ray of Hope, the never diminishing Faith and the unditional Love. People have suffered quiet a lot in the pursuit of something their heart wants. I've come up with just three of the most torturous things a heart can experience. 


I've been having this for as far as i could remember, so do every other human. A hope for a chocolate when i was a kid. A hope for a good grade, when grades actually mattered. A hope for an escape, when i really needed one. A hope for what is forbidden, which did happen. Hopes never end and they keep pushing you forward until it reaches the brick. From where you eventually fall or luckily fly.


This is pretty strong. At times hope isn't just enough for a man to get going, he requires something more to than just hope to go forward. That is when faith comes in. A strong belief and a never doubting instinct can actually do wonders. The thing is, when it fails the entire world around us falls apart. There may be things stronger than faith for a person to hold on to. But a person with faith when loses his path, perishes. He literally perishes. 

Of all the good things God has brought into this world, Love would definitely top the chart. It changes every damn thing. Every single damn thing a person has ever believed, ever thought, ever resisted, ever fantasized, ever breathed and ever felt. That's how i would put Love as. I've failed miserably a thousand times to understand what it really is. As much as i could say, i still am failing. 

It's hard to put things in prespective when either of these reaches your head. And when you have all three within, the world is just so unfair.    

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The One

Where the clouds blot the light,
Harder the breaths we take,
Arises the one true purpose,
To which we all bow down.

Ask the Gods for the reason,
'Master, Is pertaining a sin,
I bow to make something live'
Down with a thud he fell to his knees.
On with his plea, he keeps his mourns.
Insisting on something to watch over him,
'Now' he pleads, right now.
'Gather the humble, winter is on us.'

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Empty Blue Chair

Another day, But a hollow feel;
Certain depths of me feel uncertain.
Harder it was to stamp and seal.
Unfulfilled it was, and full of pain.
'Where' wasn't the question to pose.
And neither was the day she would return.
She drowned in my nerves but never she rose.
Mystic it was to see the parched lands burn.
In the depth of my heart I searched for her,
Scanning every grain of sand.
Sadder I felt on not finding her,
Insecure I felt; on the this dry, burnt land.
None would fill the void of this lone soul's glare.
Gone she was, but just the empty blue chair.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Last One

This was said a thousand times before.
But those were just from my mouth.
This time it is rather special.
Finally, it is from my heart.

The final one wasn't something new.
It felt like all the other times.
Not a damn thing new.
But just the source.

I knew it killed me.
I knew it made my future look bleak.
I knew it would destroy me.
But never I left.

This is my last, this is my last.
A final touch of what I thought was pleasing.
For there is now something more endearing.
A beam of light that keeps me going.

Never again will I turn my back.
Never again will I feel sorry.
It was you who made me strong.
And now I'm here, leaving you behind.

For now there is someone much more alive.
The someone who keeps me hoping for life.
For you I'll do anything.
For you is everything I have in life.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Maybe I'll Bury Myself

Strange thoughts hit me
Stranger noises it make
A feel of guilt embossed
And a fell of fear arise

Some weigh kept me to ground
Now that it's absent, I'm all around
A million strangers on the path
But a blurry destination keeps me going

I think too much, which is bad
I fear too much, which kills me inside
A hand wouldn't help
Neither would a heart

I keep walking towards the end
The creep crawls up even more higher.
The blur clears, part be part
Not something I wanted

I still keep walking
No matter how sour it looks
I still keep walking,
The image may be a faulty one.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Thoughts are something that has a very peculiar behavior. It sometimes boosts us to levels we never thought it existed or at times it makes us realize us of what fools we really are. It sometimes gives us a reason to think of our future and smile, to jump our hearts out and even sometimes cry with a feeling of great pleasure within. But there are considerably equal times when you feel like your whole life has gone down the drain. In worst cases it makes us think of killing ourselves. This thing has such great power over us.

So, is there a remedy to this? Is there anything at all that could drive us away from such horrid thoughts? Well, there is. Think of the people you care for the most in this world. More than you could possibly care about you. This has worked for me in various conditions. Even at the worst ones. I think of that faint smile my mother gives me when she is proud of her son, and poof.... Everything disappears.

I'm just here to say that there will be times when these thoughts haunt you so bad that even the most beautiful memories would not dissolve it. It breaks you apart, makes your eyes swollen with tears and finally it starts eating you alive. And I'm still in search for a solution to that.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A story -1

A reflection:

The little girl in the mirror stares deep into her own eyes.
Just watery, not tears though.
A pink comb with its needles apart from one another.
She slowly brushes it from its roots to the tails.
Soft and slow strides.

Her pretty eyes are all she stares at.
She justifies her beauty by pulling back her hair to a bun behind.
She drops it down again.
Something seems to trouble her thoughts.
Something deep into her heart.

I just keep watching her from a distance.
A bit far away from her such that nothing suspicious is given away.
I keep admiring her despite what my heart says.
My legs are in no more under the spells of my head.
Neither are the eyes.

She shifts, she turns and looks at me.
Must be my breadth that would have given my seclusion.
She stares for a moment, no horror and no distractions and then she smiles.
All just the reflection from from the mirror.
I fear, to take that single step.
The single step that would reveal her face apart from the reflection.
Another smile and my reason eases and the ache to see her true self spikes.

I take the step.
I walk a few inches further, making sure I don't disrupt the peace.
I finally see her, she isn't the one in the reflection.
I fall short of words. I fall short of breadth.
I finally fall short of my senses and keep looking her into her eyes.

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Clear Vision

Every man has his doubts on what he does for a living. The lucky ones understand it early and just does what he really loves. A man with no clue learns to love what he does and finally the man who hates his work but still ends up doing it. Just because we love what we do, doesn't mean that we don't  doubt ourselves in the path we choose. To be honest I've had my doubts ever since I jumped into writing. Is my writing good enough for people? Will they understand it like I do? Maybe this isn't what I must be doing? Well, these are just few of the many dovts I had past few months.

But there is that special someone who makes us realize that everything we do is actually worthy. Now all I want is to write for the rest of my life and never stop at anything. If not for me, I would definitely write for you. After all, nothing much matters when you are the only person I care about. Loving every second of it!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

OK Kanmani - Dash Reviews

Before Sunset - This was something that made me rethink what romance was all about. It was just the gestures that you showed to prove what the significant half meant to you. We just had to fill in the obvious after the end of that great walk.

OK Kanmani - This was something much more intense. 15 years after alaypayudhey, that was considered to be the best ever romantic movie ever made in kollywood had an actual rival. OK kanmani blew the minds of many who thought that the demise of Mani Rathnam's strong filmatic essence was evident.

There are very few films that could actually create a change within the trend and denying the fact that alaypayudhey achieved it is stupidity. With this movie, the trend is all set to go into a new frenzy.

Even the dullest of Mani Rathnam never actually took a dip in its direction. With oK kanmani, he just raised the bar. Excellent direction, with just the right amount of emotions. The casting couldn't have been better. The music like said is sensational. And most of all the editing, nothing like I've ever seen before in a Tamil movie. Every second of the film was essential and the editor did make it so.

The story - the never was one and that's what made me compare it with Before Sunset. This movie proved to be a highly satisfying script. And it has made writers realize that a bad guy, a joker and a pawn aren't always necessary to make something this magical.

Mani Rathnam brings out the best talents of an artist. A side that even they thought was never present within them. The performance by both leads were exemplary. Showing the right amount of passion and not exceeding it emotionally was a great plus.

A physical hero, a mental villain, an example for the truth and the end that people love - This is now the best romantic movie ever.

Testing Patience

What are family outings usually for?

Well, people do enjoy some quality time when spent with family. People lose track of time and wish it continues for a very long period. People also regret not being with them very often. People also make changes in their life style to be in a constant touch with their family after it.

Me emphasizing on the word people means just one thing. I'm not one of them. I've always been an alien and I continue to be so. But my latest trip to the Pulicat Lake was an eye opener. I took this chance to test my patience. Now that there are other significant aspects other than just family, I had to make sure the period I could survive without reverting back to that aspect. Honestly, my patience died right after my phone charger drained. So it's safe to assume that without the required connection I wouldn't survive a minute. The mental stress I felt right after 0% was just plain killing me.

On the other hand, family made me survive the stress. Brothers keeping me distracted, the elders nagging around, it stress did take a diffrent turn. But I did want myself to go back to who I was.

So, the part before my phone died was magical. It seemed like I had everything I wanted in my life to survive. The boat to the island and the pics that made me seem pretty human was intriguing. I also realized that I'm pretty good at taking pics. The lunch at the island was perfect, despite the fact that the sun was blazing. The clean beach, with not much human surroundings, that was just perfect. The saline content was the highest I've ever come across. I practically floated. Not having another set of clothes to wear didn't stop me from jumping into the water. So was it for my cousins. Neck deep in water and we wanted more of it. It really was the time when all sorrows were forgotten and all that mattered was not to drown to death.

I just wish that my phone never drains out of power the next time something like this comes up. Never would I have even thought that a simple 'oiii' would satisfy all my needs.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Depression and The Revival

Never have I been so depressed. Maybe that's because I don't dwell on my dead past or maybe I just ignore it. But the past few days have been different for me. I finally decided to break the lonely little box I've been in for too long and even better I finally met the right person to break it open to. I trust this person beyond what I have ever thought of. I don't know why. Am I making the sad little human within me to burst into a  mutiny with myself?

The sad part is, I realize all the difficulties I've crossed on the way and all the sacrifices I had to make In order for me to reach here. And all this while, I just thought that I was lucky enough to make the cut. Well, that's not the thing I'm depressed about. I always tend to think a mile ahead of myself, though I claim to act at the moment.

But the thing I'm depressed about is the new involvement in my personal life by someone I never expected to be. To people who know me, I've always been a tough nut to crack. In fact I never crack. But this person made me do it. I had to do it at some point I guess. But I never expected the person to be so .... Me...

My worst fear is, if all these are happening due to the literary transformation I'm into or am I just saying it out loud because I trust this person. I hope it's the latter. When I do lose this person, it's really going to be tough. I could sense it.

Either way, I feel a bit of my bad times dissolve into the thin air making me weigh lighter. I'm just glad that there is someone who hears me out loud without judging me for what I was. If that person ever comes across this, I just have this to say. "I'm glad"

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Burying The Mask

There is always this person you care for besides you, strictly not blood. They just bring out the best in you and never seize to surprise you at times. You just somehow feel free to remove the mask with them and talk about your fears and mistakes. You find it convincing that despite the dirt you walk with, they will accept you for who you really are.

I've had many an occurances relating to that person. But I make sure that I stay clear of whatever comes through next and keep my emotions out of it. I feel vulnerable and tend to leave those characters behind me. Not this time though. The person I'm in bed with emotionally isn't like the rest. I always used to be the one with holding aces in the previous encounters but I really feel diminished this time.

I don't feel a cuff or a leish being here but yet I'm dragged to a new place. Something within me is changing. I just want the mask on so badly before I drop down naked. They say faith is two way road and I've always driven it the right way. I never let anyone in without knowing them first. Though this new mystery breaks down in front of me with everything it has, I don't feel like the distances covered have done justice.

This is something new and dangerous. It's exciting and heartwarming. The end may be treacherous, but I do want to go through it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Me And My Stupid Posts

There is this pic all over the internet showing a guy with his Palm on his face. If I'm not wrong I guess that's from star trek:the original series.The quotes they write on that pic is just so original. The latest one that caught my attention was the one where he does the 'facepalm' with the words 'rewinding through the Facebook posts'. I don't know what others have to say about this, but in my case, it's true.

I have a 'facepalm' every time I read a post by me put just days before. That's humiliating. Wish I could take those back. The last thing I posted on my wall was something about Asif Dash2.0. To be honest I just put that and I'm already pissed at myself.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Isla And The Happily Ever After: My Review

I first read the second part: Lola and the boy next door. And then Anna and the French kiss: the first part and finally Isla and the happily ever after. All three had different characters and their own romantic tales that end with happily ever after. But the third episode proved to be a genius. I didn't make me wait till the last for the two to u ite and neither did it ever give me a hint of bringing all characters to life in the end. The brilliance in the book was so surreal.

Isla (pronounced eye-la) is a high schooler who would call her cute rather than hot. A red head and a shorter girl when compared to other Parisians and schoolmates of Paris. Josh, the funny friend of St.Clair from Anna and the French kiss plays the protagonist. Isla is that odd girl who has a boy who is just a friend for as long as she could remember.

Twists, turns, confusions and the crush makes them lovers in the first 50 pages. Describing Paris in a way that the reader falls in love with the city makes the book more unique and lovable. The story then has complications for the lovely couple that does happen in real life but isn't spoken of. The silly things are explained so beautifully and then comes the solutions.

The only thing I wish would have added was Meredith having a boy of her own during the get together. Oh boy! She really is portrayed sad. Well, there really is one in every group. So I couldn't be mad at Perkins for leaving her all alone in her book. Overall, it had the perfect finish to the story of not one or two , but to three whole stories. Anna gets engaged here. Canillope wins the Gold and Josh and Isla are ba k together and are definitely gonna have a good time at Vermont.

My ratings:4.3/5

Sunday, March 15, 2015

When the walls come down

There are very few things that matter a lot to all of us. Let it be a 10 rupee note or someone that we care about a lot, these things never leave our lives no matter what. But circumstances give us with a hard test in which leaving that one thing behind is the only choice. That's exactly when the wall comes down. That moment makes us feel so naked despite the fact that we are covered with layers of protection. Maybe that's how this world works. Leave something behind and move forward in search of something that is similar to it.

I faced something similar to the situation mentioned and something tells me that I had the option of not leaving it behind. Thinking it over and over again, I'm pretty exhausted now. It mattered a lot to me. In fact it was the one thing that made me human and now I've lost that too. It makes me curse myself and constantly creates an ache in my heart saying that 'you deserve this.'

I'm here to say that, if you face a similar situation where you feel that leaving behind it is something you must do, think twice. It may be the single biggest mistake you are making in your life. It may ruin you all together. There is always an option and make sure that you take the right one. Because no matter what, going back and rewriting the wrongs you have done is impossible.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oscar frustration

I call myself a movie freak. But I guess I'm just fooling myself. My friends usually give me a hard time by teasing JLaw. It's not like she is the most beautiful woman in the world but just that I love her performing her roles so brilliantly. And maybe that's the reason why this year's Oscars didn't catch my attention a lot. Because she wasn't there in any of the nominations.

Yet, Linklater is one of my favourite directors and him not winning what he deserved made me sad. Seriously, who would have the patience of making a film for 12 whole years. Him not winning was just the second worst thing that happened. The worst thing was ,The Lego Movie not being nominated. Seriously, the committee must be shuffled.

And then the Indian cinemas. What's wrong with you guys. Start making films that would at least make a mark in the domestic market. And the audience, well, there is no use cursing you guys.

A New Haircut

Little things matter a lot more in our lives. Like, having a hot cup of tea at 12 in the night and have a sip of coke after eating a whole tandoori. The list also includes having a decent haircut after a month. When I was little my mother would give me 15 rupees early in the morning on a bright Sunday. I would just love waving my hand and running towards the barber shop down the hill. The charge then was 12 rupees.

It would take 10 minutes and I could feel myself turning into a whole new kid then. I would buy myself a couple of chocolates and then return with a wide smile. It used to be that good. The same feeling returns to me when I go visit a barber shop here in the city. The only difference is, I'm charged 80 now.

It makes me feel like a child nowadays. A feeling I usually get once a month. It brings in some odd peace and for a minute or two I could almost taste the chocolates I used to buy then.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

How does it feel to be in love?

With the Valentine's day that just passed all I heard from my friends were the couples that hung out everywhere. Literally everywhere.I'm a little dull when this particular topic is on the desk. I've always witnessed love as something that people designate to themselves. And then I see movies that showcase a whole different level.

When I navigate through my entire childhood and adulthood, I just fell like I've never had either of those. All I had was a caring family and friends that weren't permanent. It may have been because I constantly changed schools or may be because I was a bit too shy when it came to the opposite gender.

But this year is something different. A part of me, a major part of me wants me to earn and do what's right. But there is this little devil that keeps pushing me through another road which I am certain that will defenitely put me in a bad place. The worst part is, I'm more tempted in travelling the road that's eminent result is self destruction.

The heart wants what the heart wants. Well,I'm ready to take the leap. Maybe that's the perfect way to witness my position at a total low.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Proud 'ME'

Never have I been more proud as of I'm today. Feeling good about defending something that makes you happy, something that defines who you are and for something you would gladly leave your life for is precious. Though the event makes you take measures that you wouldn't even have dreamt about is a bit painful. Even more painful when the person you are fighting had a significant contribution in your life.

Anyways, I'm just glad that, when I shut my eye, I feel good about what I have done. Cross a personal border and feel my wrath. I have no regrets nor am I going to apologize for my actions. You deserved my anger for what you have done. Adios to a good friendship.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

PK - Dash's Review

Hoping that most here would have watched the movie and laughed your lungs out while doing so, I write here something that most would find a bit peculiar. This review is divided into two; 1) A perspective the audience liked it for. 2) My Perspective.


1) The Audience Perspective:

In a country with a majority of Hindu's, the film would have offended them a bit, but without doubt the film would have made them rethink their believes in it. A story that discriminates false God Men (Managers) and their atrocities over the common people is what made this movie a controversial one. And explaining it to the viewers humorously is the reason why crowds have been rushing into the theaters for more than once.

The technical aspects: Hirani without doubt has provided yet another pleasing yet compelling story with a direction that could have been better. Aamir Khan with his 'alienatic' performance is spellbound. So is the charisma maintained by Anushka.

Wit and humor playing the most important roles, the film is scripted to satisfy every need an Indian audience craves for. Depicting the mentality of individuals with suitable characters just makes the story an even more compelling one.

Beginning the story with a theft, running along with hope, music that soothes us all along, intergalactic love sequence and ending it with a message - What more could a film need? A perfect entertainer.

STARS: 4/5

2) My Perspective:

A story that reminds me more of Chetan Bhagat. Loop holes all over the script, adjusting it with humor at right places and creating something that people would love in spite of the flaws in it.

When a movie is made, its not just something just a particular minded people watch. And me being a movie enthusiast, the story is the primary aspect I would aim for and base my views on. Later comes the direction performance and music. So I would call this movie a bit sloppy.

Like said before, the movie did grasp me too at every point despite the fact that a predictable end is to follow. Targeting not just a single faith and making people understand the misconceptions behind every faith was a good go. The movie not just entertained but also enlightened minds. So, that's another plus. The usage of the term 'Wrong Number' is another major plus.

The direction could have been better and a script with less clichés could have been produced with a bit more effort. The performance of every lead performer was of great excellence. (I in fact noticed a slight whimper behind me when Aamir broke out emotionally). That accounts for good acting.

Both the Cheery and Gloomy faces of Anushka was portrayed beautifully. Despite the lack of a perfect story, the over all portrayal of the major issue deserves an applause.