Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A friend for life

"The best quality a story teller has is the captivating power he owns over people." - Asif Dash

I have a sister, not by blood but by bond. To be honest, she is the single most irritating creature I've ever come across my entire life. So the story goes like this. She has a friend who used to be so close to her. And all of a sudden he blocks her on what's app and all such social formats.(That's what she said)

A good brother's task here is to  console her and say stuff like "He will message you eventually" or "Must have been a mistake on his side". I'm no ordinary brother, so instead I created a story where I play the protagonist.

I'm not going into details here. Maybe in the next story. The brief version goes something like this. I and another guy were so close during our higher secondary. There was a girl for who my friend fell for. The day he proposed she tells him that she's in a relationship with another guy. So instead of moving on as I advice him, he fought with the guy she was committed to.

Let it be in real life or in the stories, I intend to picture myself a good guy. So back to the story. My friend and the committed guy were fighting and I had to choose sides. A dear friend or an honest path. I chose the honest path.

Then a spat between us two occurred and we neglected each other for a month. And finally, I being a kindhearted guy spoke to him and sorted things out. We were so close after then that calling we stuck put our necks when either of us were in trouble.

And now after 5 years, I have no clue on where he is or how he is. That's friendship.

This made up story actually did console her. I know its rude but I loved the fact that I created a story out of thin air in no time.

None of my words here are to be taken seriously. I do value friendship and I do have friends who go way long back. This has been shared here because if any one ever comes across my position do follow my method. It works like a charm. In fact, the listener forgets their own story and concentrates more on this.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

"I fear Oblivion"

To sleep with pain is the one worst thing a man can go through and I'm doing that today. John Greene not just made me cry when I read his book 'The Fault In Our Stars' but he also made me think of the life I'm living.

I'm normally a stone hearted kind of guy. Well, I used to cry a lot (long ago), but in the past couple of years, tears weren't flowing that often. This book touched me deep down and ever since problems weren't big enough for me to weep over. I understood that there were issues far more intense than a crying mother or a silly fight.

That should have been the end of it. I moved on, but life isn't fair to people who forget lessons. Sheilene Woodly came along and gave life to  Hazel Grace. All I could wish now is that I should have been Augustus. I should have been the one who took her to Amsterdam. I should have been the one who should have listened to my own eulogy from her. I should have been the the one lying there in that casket before I see her in one.

Well, none of that happened. My eyes are still soggy and I wish I could just pour out my heart here. But I just want others to watch this film and think of it on their own. An emotional one indeed. I suggest people to read the novel before watching the film.

To people who think they have a horrible love story, you have no idea what horrible is.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

In pursuit of the flying goats

So get this. As much as you hate reading stuff (educational ones), hate of something more stronger is observed within when other people read, that too on a train. I'm currently experiencing that. Guess what I did??? The usual thing I do when I see books (educational ones), I slept.

The interesting part is the one that came in my dream. Something made me remember Heidi (an old cartoon I used to see as a kid) before dozing off. In my dream I saw some flying goats. Must be the Heidi effect. And then they just flew far, pretty far. Looks like I was just standing there idle; must have been something normal to the 'dream me'.

The goats flew far away and then I noticed two of my colleagues chasing it. They were normal though, just running behind them when the goats were flying. Then some chattering sounds were all I could here. I opened my eyes and there was a guy selling tea near me.

I'm gonna make this my life's mission: Asif Dash - In pursuit of the flying goats. P.S. I later on inquired about the goats to the colleagues who were in chasing it in the dream. They recommend me to sleep again and find it out myself.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beyond Infinity

I stretch out my arms and it's pitch black,
A fog, a mist, is all I could feel.
I keep consoling myself, "she is still there",
But it's just as empty I feel my heart.

Sucking in every ounce of air I prepare to scream,
My lungs are full yet words don't reach my tongue.
The air inhaled is all that passes out.
I suck in again not tired of the result, and again I fail.

Is she just the mist, or is it just an illusion.
It wasn't time for play, I ached within.
It wasn't fair as it just was a needle.
A prick couldn't have let her down.

A disease they say that made her rest,
For I know that a sword too would have fallen bleak.
Such strong was our bond for an infection to kill.
Why is it that she had to be the prey.

Just a needle I cry again,
Thinking of how this isn't justice.
No bargain, No truce, are these the rules.
Has he no mercy I cry till my eyes go sour.

"Jenny" I scream now, as clear as it could be.
I touch something against the darkness.
Just a second and I lose her again.
Now I run, chasing her till the end.

Its all white and better, with cream and sugar.
I see her, I hug her, I kiss her and I wonder.
I was sorry for leaving her there right when she needed me close.
I'm finally there where she is now.

Secluded enough for both to live in.
Bit seems like we both have passed way beyond it.
She then said, "you had a life there"
But a life without her is as empty as a dry well.